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Last week was such a blur. I don't think we even gave ourselves time to recover from our trip to DC before we jumped back into life and production. I made pottery like a crazy lady all week- berry bowls, mugs, platters, butter bells, and some big bowls. I haven't made a bowl larger than 6-8" in diameter in two years. I made two and loved it. And I realized that my pottery production had to be more than berry bowls. I enjoy making them, but I can't just make them. I have had a consultation with a lovely man in San Francisco about making some molds and slip-casting them, which will allow me to make other things. I will spend more than $400 to get molds made, but in the long term, it may be worth it. Now to find casting slip locally.

It got cold last week! I made soup on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Friday we went out to a looks-like-a-beef'n'broccoli-Chinese-joint that has a fabulous Thai menu. And what did I order? Soup. Tom Yum Soup. Which I'm going to figure out and make again and again and again. Except those little carrot-like pieces? They aren't carrots. Thai chili bits. This soup would kill a head cold.

And the boy and I decorated yesterday. I am not a fan of halloween. I am a fan of fall. We compromised and added the ever-popular possum-skull-on-a-stick to my croton and last year's light-up pirate pumpkin to my squash pile. We'll carve our big pumpkin this weekend. That lovely blue guy? I'm going to eat him up after Thanksgiving. I can't wait for that. He will make a lovely curried pumpkin soup, don't you think?

Yesterday I also spent about three hours with my scraping block and the electric grinder cleaning off my kiln shelves. They were covered with flaking kiln wash and glaze drips and needed to be completely resurfaced. I wore all of the grit off the grinding disc and had dust in my hair, my clothes, and even though I wore a respirator (and eye protection, and ear protection), in my teeth. When it warms up a bit I'll mix up the kiln wash and paint the shelves, then fire them on so that I can bisque and glaze this week.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone! I'll be at the Memphis Farmers Market on Saturday- closing day is Oct 31! This season has flown by.