wild persimmon
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Seems like everything is crawling at a snail's pace around here. Well, except my child, who is bouncing off the walls. Y'all, we are on DAY NINE of rain, grey, clouds, humid sticky weather. Last week I tried to cope by making soups and breads, pretending it was fall. This weekend I had a class all weekend, as I will again this weekend, so little boy stayed at my mom's in the country. The wild persimmons were ripe. So life- the seasons- the world- really is changing even though things seem to be in a state of stasis. They're pretty and sweet, but so seedy and tiny that they're more trouble to eat then they're worth. Forager though I may be, I left them all to the deer.

Today I am trying to finish up a kiln-load of glazing, but it is mightily difficult to get wet glaze to stick in humid weather. I brought a bunch of things in this morning in hopes that I'd be able to glaze them after they'd been in (and in the oven, drying out) for a while. I have almost a full load of work that's ready to bisque. A few of you have contacted me about orders and I'm working on all of them- honeypots, butter dishes, butter bells, berry bowls, but the rain forest that is memphis right now has slowed my already slow pace down to a crawl. Soon, soon I keep telling myself.

I've discovered a trick to my drill mixer. If I don't sink the mixer to the bottom of the bucket it doesn't splash as much. Good to know. The other factor to the splashing problem is my drill's single speed. Full tilt or off. I'll be switching drills soon.