egg cups

egg cups
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I was noodling around this morning (um, I still am) and saw the cutest idea for using egg cups is you aren't going to actually eat eggs from them. Go over to Design Sponge and see. I think I'll get some succulents to put in some of these for my next day at the farmers market (oct 24) and my pre-holiday home sale.

I finished trimming my not-rosenthal pottery. I'm pretty happy with the clean lines. We'll see how it looks in color. That new green, maybe?

It has been raining every day since last Friday here. I'm a tiny bit sick of it, except that it has sprouted all of my fall veggie seeds I planted. That makes me happy. But lordy, I'd love to see a little sunshine. Especially since I need to do some glazing. Super-saturated humid air means that wet glaze doesn't like to stick or dry so well. In due time.

I'm working on slab work today- giving my arms a break from throwing for a bit longer. More icons, plates, platters. I like to listen to podcasts while I'm working. I'm a big fan of the How Stuff Works series of podcasts, and, of course, This American Life. Any new podcast suggestions out there?