school lunches

I made a pdf with school lunch ideas (with a LOT of help from on-line and real time friends- THANK YOU!!!), specifically using the laptop lunches bento-style box- for my boy. So, this isn't quite how I wanted it to publish, but it is here for all to see, use, enjoy, alter, tinker with, whatever. All I know is that now I can pack a lunch and snack in 5 minutes flat. We choose our main dish on the weekend and fill in the rest with what we have in the pantry and fridge. I do it all the night before and everything is fine when he eats lunch at 10 am (YUCK! I know! But school starts at 7:30 am). I'm still planning to get a thermos for soup and/or hot pasta during the winter, but our daily highs are still reaching the 90s, so we won't think about that until mid-late October or even into November. Enjoy it!
Bento Lunch Options