last handful of summer

handful of summer
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Hi, I'm still here, still summering. Yesterday was the first day of staggered enrollment kindergarten- classes REALLY start on the 17th. I'm slowly making pottery here and there, checking my glaze supply, ordering some new colors (to test the waters- what about red? Would it be worth it to you to pay $10 more for a berry bowl, mug, or cereal bowl just so it could be red? The glazes are crazy expensive- $100 for a gallon of red! So let me know what you think), and finally, finally gathering my monies to get a giffin grip, because there's nothing more frustrating than trimming a pot and watching with horror as it flies upside down across the room and lands with a thud. Yes, there is. Opening a kiln full of cracked berry bowls is worse, but I digress.

So on Monday, I'll be the full-time potter again, from 8am to 1pm. And I'll be here more, as well. In the meantime, I'm having summer, preserving it (literally, in apple and pear sauces, jams, dried and frozen fruits, and in photos) for the future. Enjoy the rest of your summer, friends.