Have you ever used a Holga? We've had one in the top of one of our closets for a long time, and we've had 120 film for it for a long time, just waiting for one of use to get inspired and use it. I got inspired. I used it. And while fully half of the roll was ick, there were some interesting things on the roll, too. It makes me want to get out my old Cannon AE1 that has a bit of a light leak issue- it is older than I am, and I've got some functionality issues, too- pop some film in, and see what happens. It is always a surprise. Digital is wonderful. I love the quality, knowing what I've shot, and having immediate access. But film is a fun (sometimes) surprise.

Holgas are inexpensive (under $20, usually), and available widely online. The film isn't too expensive, but developing- I got the roll processed and images on a disc, but not prints for $16- is higher than regular film. But I had an entire weekend morning's worth of fun with it- for about what it would cost to see a movie. I think I'm going to shoot another roll this weekend. I have much to learn about using this camera, but I think it will be fun.

I'm signing off until next week- my little brother is coming into town tomorrowand we're meeting my dad, stepmother, and sister up at the lake for a long weekend. I hope you all have a great end to your week and a beautiful weekend!