Hooray! The heat has broken! I was able to fire the kiln to bisque Monday night and I should be able to run a glaze fire this weekend. We're expecting highs in the upper 80s all weekend with lows back in the high 60s/70s. The other night it was still 90 degrees at 9 pm. Ugh.

I won't have wonderful pictures to show you because I had to send my Nikon back in to repair the flash. I don't ever use the flash for pottery photos, but I realized that I could either have it fixed now (while it is still under waranty), or be VERY upset that I hadn't done it once Halloween rolls around. So I'm fixing it now and re-learning the point-n-shoot. Because I totally forgot how to use it.

I think in another two weeks I'll be listing berry bowls again. I'm trying to throw plenty of them and have them bisqued so that I can simply glaze-to-order, but it's summer, and we are being very lazy at my house. Playing, swimming lessons, reading underneath the ceiling fan, contemplating painting the old porch swing, you know, summer stuff.

Have a great week everyone!