finally: solution

one problem solved
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I have finally, finally stopped opening the kiln to 50% berry bowl loss. I've changed the piercing pattern to a single hole in the center and five holes right outside the foot of the bowl where it begins to flare up. I can't tell you how very, very happy this makes me. This last weekend I fired and hoped to have 17 bowls to finish the orders placed at the end of may. I got all but 7 shipped. Four need to be re-glazed and I have another dozen that will be ready to be bisque fired at the first of next week. I am aiming to have another batch ready by the last week of July.

These four bowls all have glaze problems- there are spots that didn't get coated and you can feel rough clay through the glaze. I'll have them fixed and shipped next week. And I need to take more time with my glazing and make sure that the coats are nice and even. I'm low on several colors, so my next glazing session will be preceded by plenty of mixing and adding fixative to keep it mixed. Alchemy, this is.

And YAY! The nikon's repair is under warranty. I hope to have my camera back soon. I miss it. A lot.