not much to report this week

sprig decorating
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not. much. at. all.

I got some nice things in the mail today. That last bit means I'm quite finished shopping for the summer.
I'm planning to sew a little (haven't yet), read a little (finally read Julie and Juila, now on to the Dangerous World of Butterflies, which I heard about on Bob Edwards Weekend). Gardened a little. Kept my wrists wrapped/iced. They're doing much, much better.

Today I thew a tiny little bit and made these three small plates with my slab roller and an old press mold I made out of clay and some early fiddleheads at least seven years ago. I'm going to make a few more and glaze them in my deep celadon green. We'll see if they work or not. I'm a wee bit concerned about how they'll stack since the fiddleheads are raised. I really like square plates- these are little melamine salad plates I've picked up at target over the past few years. My favorite mold is a long version of these plates, but they haven't carried that long melamine platter shape in a few years. I could really use more than one, but I'll keep my eyes open for them.

Not working has thrown me off kilter a bit. I'm taking it slow so that I can get back to work. I felt much better after I spent an hour in the studio today.

More later. Happy Almost Friday.