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y'all know I love bees, right? I love them so much that I'll go out and rub the fuzzy tops of drunk/sleepy/cold stunned bumble bees (they wouldn't really sting, anyway). I just adore this bee.

My good friend April is married to one of the most talented craftsmen I've ever met. Doug, in turn, has become a friend. He MADE this honeybee for me. Yes, really. He got really into realistic fly-tying a year or so ago and started making the most incredible, realistic bugs. Doug recently opened an Etsy shop and a blog documenting his finished pieces and his creative process. Right now there's a honeybee drawing post that makes me swoon.

Each bug is built around a fishing hook, which is perfect if you plan to mount a bug in a shadowbox, as I have. I could also see a dragonfly becoming a spectacular piece of jewelry. . . . I hope you'll all go check his amazing work out. I've learned so much about bugs from following his blog- I've always loved them, but now I'm actively learning about their names, sizes, and habits.

I found out today that two sisters have begun a blog around two of my egg vases. I am both flattered and delighted that my work can showcase their creativity and strengthen their bond. And very interested to see what they'll put in the little vases.

We've gotten a little break in the weather this week, so I'll be firing my kiln tonight and glazing this week. YAY!!!

Have a great week, everyone!