time a' flying

Sorry for the radio silence- I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I've gotten so sidetracked this week. Big plans, but the time slated to do them has dwindled away. I had my best market ever on Saturday. It was giddy-good. Even though it was stormy-raining as we set up and rained intermittently throughout the day, the market was crowded and I was slammed! I managed to throw a little to replenish my supplies on Monday, and trimmed a little yesterday, but pottery's taken a back seat to life this week. Today I need to make herb markers (Really, really BADLY. I have maybe 20 left), list some things on etsy, throw a little more, mow the yard (did we really have 8 straight days of rain?), and do some necessary things like, oh, the laundry, which I haven't touched since last Tuesday.

Tomorrow is more of the same, plus packing and downloading podcasts for my train ride to New Orleans! One of my dearest friends is graduating with her phD in Public Health from Tulane University in NOLA this weekend, so seven of our group of college friends are traveling down and basically taking over a little b&b in uptown for the weekend. Two of these dear friends are having babies this summer (more than that, really, but these two will be in NOLA with me) and we're going to have a teensy baby shower while we're all together. I've added a new component to my standard ladybug baby gift- I'll tell you about that later. I'm so excited about this trip- especially the train ride with time to knit, listen, reflect, rest.

I'll post back here when I've got an etsy update for you. I think that I might go ahead and list berry bowls as custom orders rather than having a large batch of them in the shop. It seems like I'm never going to have a large inventory of anything, especially since school lets out at the end of next week. Should I get to work on the wheel today, berry bowls are at the top of the throwing list.

Happy week, everyone.