slow and steady

slow and steady
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I feel like I haven't done much in the way of blogging this week- it has been a full one, filled with sadness, resolve, work, and bright spots. On Sunday I found out that a friend I'd gone to graduate school passed away, and on Monday evening, after happily spending time with my family noodling around the house, I learned that a dear, dear friend ended her battle with esophageal cancer.

The best way to honor loved ones' lives is to keep living- and so we do. Planning my friend's memorial luncheon with other friends- I'll be making industrial quantities of tomato aspic on Monday. Glazing pottery, making more, filling orders, puttering around in the garden, making home a welcoming, cozy refuge for my friends and family.

I shipped out 13 of the first 17 berry bowl/egg vase orders placed on May 15. I'll be reglazing next week after a glaze failure from trying to work in 90% humidity. This morning I finished trimming all of yesterday's pottery before 9am. I hope to get it in the kiln for its first firing by Sunday.

Today I'm searching for a large, oblong galvanized trough- what I grew up calling a "cow waterer" - to plant my tuberose bulbs in. I've run slap out of room in my back and front gardens- I'll be digging out irises all summer to make room for the cutting annuals I've always wanted to grow but didn't have space for- next year I will. I'm also going to see if I can find any dahlias left at the garden centers to plant in the few holes I do have. I garden in fits and starts- yesterday I planted beans and more basil, plus a few more chard seeds among my increasingly tall peppers.

Happy weekend, everyone! Don't forget if you want to participate in the One Local Summer challenge, signup deadline is Saturday, May 30!