on photography

honey blues
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can I tell you how much I love my new camera? I love it. And I think my photography has improved because of it. Details are better, clearer, and I'm a touch more confident. My old point and shoot was great, but my details were always blurry and I grew increasingly frustrated by its/my lack of precision.

I've always been influenced by the photography and prop styling in magazines like Martha Stewart Living- simple shapes, natural textures, harmonious colors. MSL is 100% responsible for my choice of pale blue linen on my photobooth in our basement (though, I might add, a dampish basement is not the best place to keep linen. We'll have to shift it around this summer). This white tray the blue honey pots are on is one I just found at target- simple metal tray, painted white, with a silver rim and handles. I bought it specifically to hold my color-lined and cafe au lait bowls at my sales, either at the market or at home. I do like how it makes the colors pop out.

Have a great weekend everyone!