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my goodness. what a whirlwind. I love love love New Orleans. My dear friend from college, Leigh Ann, graduated with her phD in Public Health from Tulane University on Saturday. A bunch of us girls decided to come down and have a mini college reunion to celebrate Leigh Ann's achievement. The weather was perfect- mid 80s and low humidity, beautiful blue skies, and only two pop-up thunderstorms. We had the best time. I took the City of New Orleans train there and back- it's a fine way to relax and travel- and it is so so affordable. I had about 12 hours of music, podcasts, and knitting- it was downtime that I really looked forward to.

While I was away and computer-less, however, the world was still at work. My wonderful friends Erin, Jennifer, and Molly all featured my work on their blogs this weekend. I was delighted to find that my berry bowls had sold over the weekend and stunned to find over a hundred emails in my inbox- thanks to their posts. Molly also let me know that the little bowls were included in Amanda's list of happy-making products, blogs, and ideas. All of these ladies were among the first blogs I started reading several years ago; I'm both tickled and honored to appear in their blogs' pages.

I'm making berry bowls like crazy. I threw 18 today and will trim them tomorrow. I hope to throw another dozen tomorrow, as well. I will have some at the farmers market this weekend and list more over at etsy, as well. This is our last week of school, so I'm pushing to get as much done as I can NOW so that I candedicate much time next week to the business of having summer fun. If you want berry bowls and need them by a specific time frame, feel free to email me (bridgmanpottery-at-yahoo-dot-you know) and we'll discuss logistics. Thanks for your support and your patience.

I hope y'all have a great week.