if it's wednesday-

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then I must be glazing. I just finished. It is such a pretty, pretty day to be outside.

As I unloaded the kiln I discovered that two of the berry bowls had cracks - always on the bottom, always between two holes. I did a little bit of research and found someone recommending soaking a piece of t-shirt material in the glaze then applying that over the cracks. I knew about paper clay, but I didn't want to re-bisque these. I may start rebisqueing if I have a lot of cracks in the next round, but I'll be interested in seeing how these turn out. The only grubby tee I could find was a ribbed tee, so it's not ideal- I think an old worn-out husband undershirt would be just right, but these are fine for tests. And if the patch shows up, I'll stick them in my gift stash.

I'm really delighted to be finished with the glazing and loading before 2pm. Kiln is running, I'm going to clean up, pick up little boy from school, and then start packing to ship orders.

Have a beautiful afternoon!