thursday already?

The week has flown by. I've been taking my time with things- getting my kitchen back in order after having my cabinets painted last week, throwing a little, compiling notes for my college class's annual alumnae news magazine, attending a book party for a friend, packing and shipping, you know, staying busy.

My hope for today is to start throwing more egg cups like these above. I've had several requests for other colors, including the speckled turquoise of the egg vases. I did place an order from Casey's, including some wooden eggs to help me keep the size of the cups right. I bought one for display, so that I won't have to beg an egg from other vendors at the market, and one for the studio for sizing purposes.

Somehow, with the kitchen's disarray, my throwing time was decreased- I still managed to make things, just not the volume I'd hoped. Saturday should be my throwing day so that most of the things that I needed to replenish for the market will be ready to fire on Monday. The bigger things I'm making are for the June home sale. I haven't set a firm date, but it's nearing. I'm thinking perhaps the last weekend in June for my local friends and customers.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!