quiet day

today I am having a very quiet, slow day. Bordering on lazy. A little glazing, a little waxing, a little cleaning up. A lot of music. Maybe a nap. It's cool and rainy. I'm happy for rain now so that this summer we won't have to worry about drought.

And I'm happy for a quiet day because our weekend was jam-packed. Lunches with girlfriends, dinners with friends, a beautiful hike in our wildflower-filledurban forest on Saturday morning with the family and 30 other people, an impromptu visit from a godfather for the 5th anniversary of little boy's baptism, a birthday party, bookclub, an Easter Brunch, full-scale smells-n-bells Easter service, egg hunt, family Easter dinner.

It was a beautiful weekend. A full weekend. It is a quiet day. A restful day. I'm happy for the transition. And the chance to work a little, rest a little. I'm looking forward to getting a lot done this week. I'll have some things to show you in a few days. . . .