MFM 2009

Yesterday was the first day of the Memphis Farmers Market. It really was like a country church old home day. Lots of hugs and good wishes and squeals and "good to see you"s. Have I told you about my MOST favorite vendor? It is Jim Tanner, my "goat cheese man," from whom I buy my eggs. I didn't hold out much hope that I'd be able to get eggs yesterday since I didn't get to the market until 8 and Jim usually sells out by 7:15. You can't imagine my delight when he opened up his egg cooler (It is easily 3.5' to 4' long) and it was still full. Last year I'd make a point to get to the market before 7 (when I work the market I arrive at 6, when I shop, 6:55) JUST to be sure I'd get eggs. I asked what had happened- one customer "blamed" the rain. Jim's simple answer: "I got more chickens."

Jill and Keith, my "favorite" farmers in charge of Whitton Farms were in full force with their veggies, flowers, and transplants. I got baby garlic in my CSA bag and impulsively planted them all last night before the rain started, in hopes that I'd be able to finish the season with good heads of garlic. I was just tickled to learn that my favorite honey producers will now be at MFM EVERY week. Richard and Rita Underhill of Peace Bee Farm are such wonderful people, and Richard is blogging about honey and their farm at Peace Bee Farmer.

Lastly, well, not lastly, but for *right now*, my friends Guion and Jeremy Benkin have started a great little company called Re-Hy. They recycle glass bottles into lovely drinking bottles, dish soap dispensers, and cruets by adding etched designs and metal tops. The Benkins are lovely people (aren't all crafters, really?) who are so excited about this venture. They, like me, will be at the market periodically.

My first week at the market is this coming saturday. I am excited and have a lot of work to finish up. It will be a busy week this week, but a good one, I think. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday and a beautiful spring week!