egg cups

Is it any surprise with my love of all things bird* that egg cups would be floating around in the back of my mind? I made these a few months ago and just got around to glazing them. I have a half-dozen more ready to be glazed, but these two are the prototypes. They're also intended - and have been since their creation- as birthday gifts for my sweet friend April. I thought they would work not just as egg cups, but as little vases for spring blossoms. The second set I made is slightly smaller, which is good, because these are a tad too big. That egg on the left- it is HUMONGOUS. Almost duck-egg-big. Not quite, but almost.

Happy Tuesday! And happy birthday, April!

*A few weeks ago when my son's godfather, Tom, was visiting, we were talking about chickens and birds. I mentioned that I wanted chickens again (alas, our yard is too, too small) and he reminded me that his daughters called me "Chicken Melissa" years ago, not because I had chickens (which I did eventually get a threesome of chicks), but because I wanted them. I had forgotten all about that.