different application

different application
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Not to stir the pot anymore, but what do you think of this? This is a little bowl- actually much bigger in diameter than the egg vases, and shorter- that I made for a friend who loved the egg vases but wanted a salt cellar for stove-side salting. I only made the one. And I discovered that I'm slap out of this blue glaze. Time to order more.

I'm in the Delta Pecan spot this weekend at the Farmers market- West side, to the South of the entrance, I think.

Work to do, work to do. I bought copper wire for my herb markers this morning- I actually bought the electrical supply company out of their #10 bare copper wire and will have to go back for more in the next week or so. I ordered an entire 500 foot spool so that I won't have to keep going back and bugging the nice older men and electricians wondering what the heck this gal is doing. Actually, the guys who work there all know about the markers and said that maybe they'll try their hand at copper-wire craft too. Spread the DIY life!

Have a great weekend!