I have an idea. I've been thinking about it for a while- at least since last summer. I love light and airy flowers and leaves- think maidenhair ferns, queen anne's lace, dandelion puff balls- much like this one in my sketchbook. Translating this idea into pottery though, eludes me. At least it eludes me in the normal way I've made pottery- throw it, press the leaf/stamp/flower into the wet clay, fire, paint, wax, dip-glaze. So I'm thinking about trying it a new way. Actually, I have tried it a new way. It is in the kiln tonight, bisqueing away. I'm not sure how it will work, if I will like it, if y'all will like it. But new ways of doing things are worth exploring.

Thank you all for offering to send photos of your mugs- it helped! I made almost a dozen and think that I've got the mug mojo back. This morning I realized that I have under a month to produce a small body of work for my first date at the farmers market in late April. I have some serious work to do! Have a good week, everyone.