Botanical Mugs

Botanical Mugs
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how funny is it that I had to go back, searching though my flickr and iPhoto files to find this picture so I could remember how I make my mugs? I believe it's been a year since I've thrown a mug. But now I've got my botanicals gathered, ready to press them in mugs I can't remember how to make. They're just cylinders, slightly flared lip at the top, but the one I've made doesn't look right. And I don't have any left in my pottery stash.

Bamboo tumbler? sure. Honey pot, ok. Berry bowl? I could make it in my sleep. Mug, um, let me get back to you.

And honestly, this photo doesn't help much since I can't see the bottoms. Forgive me as I wander off laughing like a lunatic. . . .

Have a good weekend, folks.