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my friend Erin is hosting a week of yellow. You can see many of the beautiful photos featuring yellow here, including a few of mine. A dear friend was working in Florida for most of January and half of February. She brought me a bag of delicious citrus, including this golden sweet grapefruit I ate for breakfast. I popped it into one of my yellow cafe au lait bowls, ran it under the broiler (just long enough to warm it and caramelize the turbinado sugar I sprinkled over the top), and ate it before it could even think about getting cold.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors- I love yellow roses, lilies, tomatoes, and (green) beans. My house is yellow. My kitchen table is yellow. All of the "public" rooms in my house are yellow. It is such a sunny happy color, and one that I use frequently in my glazes. I hope you'll enjoy Erin's yellow week as much as I will.

Happy President's Day, everyone!