getting ready

It is almost time to begin full-time pottery work. I'm gearing up for a small etsy update this week (maybe by Thursday), prepping for the last session of a class I'm teaching for children, and ready to replenish stock for the farmers market season. Today's task is a bisque firing and some photography. Tomorrow and Thursday will be studio days- making rather than finishing, which is my favorite part of the pottery process.

My last five classes of museum teaching are on Wednesday and Friday, then we're finished for the school year, which makes me a little sad. I really enjoy interacting with the kids- 4th graders -9 and 10 year olds- are probably my favorite age. Once adolescence kicks in it gets harder (mostly because they're all bigger than I am at that point!) to teach, but I really enjoy working with those young minds and watching them think about art and relating it to their own lives. I have a great, flexible boss, a wonderful co-teacher who is a very accomplished ceramist, and a fabulous work environment. I'm always sad when my part of the school year is over. I'm also grateful that it's a job that allows me time to create my own work. If I worked 9 to 5, like most people do, I'm not sure there would be a Bridgman Pottery.

I hope you have a good week- I'll pop in shortly to show you some of what I'm working on.