etsy update

Finally, my etsy shop is updated with a slew of little bud vases just in time for spring's earliest daffodils and violets. I have several single vases, a tiny bowl or two, and a few sets of two or more, including this bright set of three slender vases that I'm looking for a name for.

I started making this form a few years ago when I wanted a slender vase for holding a single sprig of lavender. I knew I wanted it to have a small profile and a slim silhouette. Most of my vases are diminutive but curvy- a slender neck on a round body. I still love and make those, but tall spare blossoms like alliums and lavender need something different. This 3" tall, 1" wide vessel was my answer. But what to call it?

Believe it or not, these daffodils are also miniatures. They are un-named (to me) heirloom varieties that came from the Sisters' Bulb Farm in Gibsland, Louisiana. Though they are no longer in business, my mother visited with the owners a few years ago, toured the gardens, and brought back these found bulbs. Found, because on their way back from the farm, my mother and her sister noticed that the parish had plowed up a large swath of ground on either side of the road, uprooting thousands of blooming jonquils. My mom knows that I love these sweet-smelling, miniature flowers and brought home several bulbs for my garden. I treasure them- they are some of the first to bloom in the spring. And it's a good story. We're not above bulb-rustling, especially if they're going to be paved over.

Happy Thursday everyone. I'll check back over the weekend.