what a week!

I can't believe how fast the week has flown by. Thursday? Already? Monday was hugely busy- filled with pottery making and trimming, teaching knitting to a friend's daughter, a playdate, and bitter cold. Tuesday we had snow! Not much, but snow! On top of such an exciting, historic day. We watched the inauguration over and over and over again- while it was happening, over supper with friends. President Obama: it is an amazing moment in our history. Wednesday was a working day again- I had wonderful classes, more knitting, meeting a new knitting friend, more playdating after school, making catechesis materials for my little lambs, and talking with my family about how we would fulfill our obligation to serve in our community. Again it is Thursday, another teaching day, and hopefully a day to fire the kiln full of last week's work. Friday, a bush weekend ahead. Today, tomorrow, full of promise, activity, responsibility.

I feel both inspired and exhausted.