productive week

hobnail meets handmade
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this week was full of studio time for me. It was wonderful. Over the past 3 days I've made 14 honeypots, eight berry bowls, and a half-dozen covered butter dishes. I also did a micro glaze and fire session- this little hobnail-y bud vase was part of that load. Yesterday and today, while I was busy upstairs my friend and neighbor Kristen was busily scrubbing down the house and leaving it smelling like a lavender field. I am one happy camper.

Those of you who live in older homes know how dirty they get- does dust come out of pores in the walls? We have a 1922 bungalow, two boys, a potter mama who makes dusty work in the house (yes, this is 75% of our problem), and until this summer, we've always had two shedding labs. I like to clean. I like to declutter and organize. But I can't clean like I want (because it takes me all day) and work in the studio. I'm rationalizing that if I sell just four of my honeypots, I've paid to have the house cleaned. By someone FAR more efficient than I, to boot.

Tomorrow I teach again in the morning and will trim today's work in the afternoon.

Now I've got a huge pot of chicken dumplings bubbling on the stove to combat the 9 degree night, mid-90s jangly North Carolina pop on iTunes, and knitting ready to hop into my lap as soon as the laptop leaves it.

Have a happy weekend, all. Stay warm!