a lot on my plate

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sorry for the radio silence, but my mac died peacefully in its sleep Thursday night. No signs of illness, just a sudden "won't start." So we spent the weekend getting a loaner, shopping for a new macbook, trying to stay warm, an, ah, not glazing pottery. I've got a kitchen counter full of pottery that needs to be glazed, a full teaching week, a sick kiddo, a husband getting ready for a big out-of-town annual meeting, and a possible snow day coming. Sick kiddo means no teaching, hard to work at home, too, but if it's a snow day anyway, well. They're saying freezing rain is on the way, but it's been said before. Although it certainly looks like snow, and smells a bit like snow, too.

All of this equates to not much getting done, somehow. So I'm glazing in bits and pieces, taking temperatures, learning the loaner mac, figuring out financing the new one. My brain is full, friends. I see the stress coming, but I don't feel it yet. Send patient thoughts my way so that I can resist when it hits!

Good news, though, I got a new usb cord for the camera, so at least I can update photos to flickr more regularly again.

Happy Monday!