erin's bowls

This beautiful photo was taken by Erin, a fabulously talented photographer and very creative lady. The bowls are a nesting set from Williams-Sonoma, but they're pricey and they're pottery, so that means that I really can't buy them. Whenever I see pottery I admire and could possibly duplicate, I just HAVE to try. All bets are off if the pottery is made by someone I admire or is completely different from my own style, but most people who know me know that I definitely like a challenge.

I saw a photo of this set, nested, on Erin's flickr page a few days ago and admired them, but this photo really stuck in the creative corners of my brain and wouldn't let go. I think that I'm going to try to make my own set of rainbow nesting bowls- definitely not this many (because my price for seven nesting bowls would make the W-S price look like a bargain, and I'd only be able to make a single set, to boot.), not quite the same (maybe white exteriors, colored interiors?), but it will be nice to have an idea to play around with in between the making of berry bowls this winter and spring. Thanks, Erin, for the inspiration, and for so generously allowing me to use your photo. If you'd like to see more of Erin's photographic genius, check out her flickr page.

Oh, we still don't have a data cord for the camera. Eventually (when we find the cord or get a new one) I'll start posting my own photos again.