the batch

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It felt like there were oodles of these guys when I was glazing them. Turns out that there were only 14. One that was cracked that is mine, one that slid into a berry bowl during firing. The berry bowls were the big casualty in this load. I didn't make sure my shelves were properly stilted so the bottom shelf fell down on top of two berry bowls and stuck. The the shelf on top of that dropped. Nothing shifted there. The next shelf played nicely and didn't shift as it dropped. The top shelf dropped and everything shifted. Three berry bowls stuck to the side of the kiln. One honeypot slid over and stuck to a berry bowl. I pried the pieces apart and hope that I can refire the honeypot (it was my favorite, with a bird on top) and the stuck-on piece will fall off. The non-broken bowls will be sanded down and re-fired. They'll be fine. Under normal circumstances I'd be torn up about this turn of events, but a) it was my fault and b) I don't "need" the pieces until April at the earliest. I'm still learning- basics, like how to set up kiln furniture, apparently.

Have a good weekend, everyone. I'm leaving town for the weekend but will post some of these on etsy next week.