matryoshka ornaments

matryoshka, red/white
Originally uploaded by Bridgman Pottery
I'm painting these little ladies today with underglaze before I fire them this evening. I have a few more things on my "to make" list before Christmas, but I want to get these, and a special order, out the door with time to spare. These ornaments are "green," or unfired clay, so I have to be especially careful with them. They will break if you look at them wrong.

I am very pleased with how my little knitter turned out, but I'm also crazy about the mod-dot patterned lady. I want to do a few of those in blue, too.

Also on my to do list today: more of these little birds. I cut out 20 on Sunday and want to sew up about 4 a day. Little boy is so excited about filling our advent tree calendar with them.