a little publicity never hurts. . . .

new sea urchin crop
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Some time this summer I was approached by environmental designer and scientist Alan Marshall about contributing some pieces to a book he was putting together a book about art and design based on nature and natural motifs. He has included some of my sea urchins in his bookWild Design. I'm not sure how available it will be in the US as its focus seems to be mainly Australia and Europe, but I'm completely thrilled to be included.

More publicity- my friend and boss at the Brooks Museum, Tomi, is an outstanding artist. She's been making really lovely, modern pieces of silver and mixed-metal jewelry for some time, but she's just opened an etsy shop. I'm really excited about her work, particularly earrings like these, with their leafy texture etched onto sterling silver.

Can you believe it's already Thursday? Where does the week go?