Rocket day

My son's birthday party was a rushed deal this year. It's #5, which is a bit of a milestone, and we were excited to do it, but nearly every aspect of was an ordeal. Little boy knew he wanted a rocket party and a moonbounce. That worked, thematically, but we had a hard time getting one! Finally, the day before we left for the mountains, we reserved one, but we weren't able to make the invitations until the day we got back. Passed out the invites on Tuesday and started looking for rocket/space decorations and treats. Looking instead of making because I knew we were creeping toward the "last minute."

Did you know there are NO space-related little toys or paper goods? Everything is character-themed. I felt lucky to find the star candles. On Friday I broke down and started crafting. I kept a big bag of water color- spattered paper from the last time I taught an art summer camp. These came in handy. I made 24+ rocket, saturns, and shooting stars for the cupcake toppers on Friday afternoon. I also made a rocket pinata, per little boy's request.

Then I started baking. My cupcake recipe failed. Tasty, good texture, but 18 out of 24 cupcakes were concave. Later I realized they could have been "crater" cupcakes, but I'd long since pitched them. I made more. And more.

Saturday morning we woke to great excitement and cold grey skies. Five years ago, average daily temps were in the high 60s. Last year, mid 60s. Yesterday- 40. And windy. Not even the fire pit or spiced cider helped the freezing parents who braved our backyard. The kids were fine, but they were bouncing.

Have I mentioned that I set my bathroom curtain on fire? With a candle with a too-tall wick one hour before all of our friends arrived? Yeah, wonderful way to set the tone for a celebration. And while Gary was setting up a brick base for the fire pit he maybe broke his pinkie? Maybe sprained, maybe broken. We both got to a certain point when we gave up and just let the rest of the day progress.

The kids all had a great time, the moon bounce arrived and stayed inflated, fifteen kids bounced their heads off, all the cupcakes got eaten, and this time next year I'll have forgotten about the trials and just remember the fun. And the dozens of books that the kids brought for patients at LeBonheur Children's Medical Center. Little boy decided to ask for books for less fortunate children (ON HIS OWN!! I am so proud!) instead of toys from his friends.

It was a good day. It was a funny day. I am glad that today is Sunday.