my mondays

monday is my putter day
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Almost every Monday is a day off for me, and I spend it the same way nearly every week. I have a hard time cleaning while the boys are under foot- both big and little will help, but it's hard to run the vacuum or really clean while they're home. I spend some time with my squirt bottle of Dr. Bronner's, making the house smell all minty, and some time with Dr. Dyson, ridding the house of dog hair and dust.

Today I needed to take some flowers to friends who'd been ill, so I also took myself to Davis-Kidd, an exceptional regional chain, to check out the latest from Mason-Dixon Knitting (it's on my Christmas list) and pick up the new Stitch magazine, because I NEED Martha's skirt. I haven't opened it yet, because today is a play-date day and I'm making myself wait until the kiddos are occupied to indulge in magazines and knitting.

There's been so much talk this summer and fall about this bread book. I've been using the Peasant loaf, substituting half of the white flour for whole wheat mixed with a whole-grain hot cereal mix (Bob's I think? I read about it in Cooks Illustrated some time ago). I dump the entire bag of cereal mix into my wheat flour bin- it gives the bread a nice hearty crunch. Tomorrow is little boy's school Thanksgiving Feast- we're bringing the rolls for his class. I made up a batch of dough some time last week (maybe Monday)- it's been sitting for at least 7 days and has developed such a nice sourdough flavor. I put about 2 T of dough in muffin tins and baked them for a bit over 25 minutes at 375. Delicious.

I hope your afternoon is going as pleasantly as mine is, and your week is a good one.