fetching set
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This is what I've been doing instead of pottery. Knitting for Christmas. Here is a set that I made for my grandmother, and yes, indeed, I'd love to keep it for myself, but my version will come after the holidays. Knitting and teaching and rocket birthday parties (and thank you notes) have been filling most of my time lately. I am still working on matryoshka doll ornaments and a few other things, but in the evenings, when it's cold and supper is over and the boy is in or headed to bed, I've been knitting. And time is really flying.

I hope to get back to the wheel and kiln next week during the Thanksgiving hooplah- since we're not hosting this year, only bringing the turkey and pumpkin cheesecake. I've got several pottery ideas in my head that need fleshing out, and while I'm excited about them, they're just living on paper or in the quiet farthest recesses of my brain. Usually I wouldn't be ok with this, but right now I am. Maybe because I'm not spending much money these days and I assume that no one else is, either, maybe because the year's been nuts (but good, too) and I'm ready to put it to bed and look towards tomorrow after I've had more rest. I think this may be the first time in my adult life (or since I was 12) that I haven't felt driven to create, do, be. Whatever it is, let it be.

Happy weekend, everyone.