the. worst. ever.

Our last camping trip began with a nasty cold for daddy and more work for me. This camping trip began with mild aches that I wrote off to Saturday's 5k. I laughed it off- oh, haha, you were sick last time, I'm sick this time. Then came the chills. Then the full-on-fever. Grouchy Daddy who has to do everything, including taking care of ill mama and the little boy whose behavior takes a sudden nose dive whenever his mama gets sick. We stayed less than 24 hours. Went to the doctor's office yesterday afternoon because I could tell that this wasn't a normal virus. It's not. It's strep. The z-pak is already working and I'm going to make some creamy pumpkin soup since swallowing is problematic.

Poor family. We may never camp again (mosquitoes were still a problem). But the good things were: pre-cut and stacked firewood left by either the park service or some nice campers, and my impulse to grab the iced green tea from the fridge. It heated nicely next to the fire and soothed my throat. I'll see you all next week.