curried pumpkin soup
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Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone. I think that I am officially on the mend. And happily, noone else at my house has gotten strep. Tuesday noonish I got really hungry but couldn't eat "real" food. I wanted curried pumpkin soup. Here's what I threw together:
1 can of pumpkin puree (solid packed, not sweetened)
1 can veg. stock
2 chopped onions and garlic
a little olive oil
1tsp each corriander and curry powder, maybe a little more.

This was super easy- even for a fevery-delirious woman who really should have gone back to bed instead of cooking.

That night we transformed this fabulous chicken with 40 cloves of garlic (our son's godfather was in town saturday, so we made this in his honor) into a wonderful soup by adding water, more onions, garlic, mushrooms, and barley and simmering for 30 minutes. We ate it again last night. We've made that chicken twice now, and each time we've made luscious soup from the leftovers. Last night I discovered that one of my tomato tipis had blown over when we were camping and badly damaged about a dozen large ripe "cherokee purple" tomatoes. Those are going into a fresh tomato soup out of this vegetarian tome. Yes, it's all soup all the time.

And I have some good or bad news, depending on where you are. I had to cancel my classes for today and tomorrow, and while trying to reschedule them, I realized that I have NO TIME. Every day, almost every weekend from now until mid November is booked solid. My annual pre-holiday home sale was going to be the weekend of Nov. 14. This week was supposed to be my pottery-making frenzy to get ready for that. I've made not one thing. Rather than make myself and my family crazy by trying to have enough work to show, I'm canceling it for this year. Whatever I have and manage to make will go up on etsy. That's good if you're out of town and are already an etsy shopper. If you're in town, I do apologize, but I'd be totally happy to make things to order and deliver before Christmas, or to sub out shipping for sales tax for things that you like that are listed on etsy.

Thanks, again, for the well wishes this week. I appreciate them.