happy halloween!

Weeks and weeks ago little boy told me that he wanted to be a rocket for halloween. Okay, I thought, that's better than the "harvester" he wanted to be last year (he ended up being Bob the Builder because we had the stuff and that's what he was the year before, too). A harvester? Like a combine? Yes. As in "Frank" the Harvester from the Pixar movie Cars. So a rocket was do-able. Especially since Gary had gotten this earlier this summer. So I drew this little sketch to see what he thought, and then I sat on it for three weeks. Or more.
The deadline is here. Friday morning is the halloween party at school, and I have to work (I'm going to be Frida Kahlo), so we laid out the mylar foam last night, roughed out a costume shape with sharpie marker, and I started thinking. I have a large bin of old wool sweaters and skirts from thrift stores that I've felted down for various projects. Those came in handy. I sewed up the shoulders and the sides (my sewing machine doesn't like to sew on foam, as I learned, so I put newspaper under the bottom piece so that the feeder teeth would actually, you know, feed). I cut out red and orange felt triangles for the flames at the bottom, red, white, and blue felt for the lettering and the star/planets that decorate. I glue-gunned those on, as sewing with a needle and thread meant that I repeatedly stabbed myself and bled all over the costume. But now it's finished, and we're mostly happy with it. I decided to dress as Frida Kahlo for work.

I've been so busy lately that I don't know if I'm coming or going, which leads to infrequent blog posts, and infrequent pottery action. I fired the kiln on Sunday but haven't even peeked in to see how the bisque fire went. I'll figure that out this weekend, after the halloween festivities.

Happy weekend, everyone!