pottery again

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I photographed this vase early this afternoon because it sold and I'd forgotten about it. I had to hunt through the bins of things I had listed on etsy to find it. I love its shape and wanted to be able to reproduce it. Sometimes I'm very "out of sight, out of mind."

I love how this nestles into the palm of my hand- its shape is almost oniony. When I was in college I had nice hands, but eight years of almost constant clay have aged them. Right now they're in pretty good shape- no water-logged, peeling fingernails or torn cuticles. My nails are as long as I can stand for them to be, even when I'm not working in clay. Aged hands are a small price to pay for the pottery- and perhaps because of how weathered they are most days, they are my favorite part of me.

Today I broke my clay hiatus, doing some last-minute sanding/trimming and bisque firing, and I made a couple dozen small crosses for the Episcopal Bookshop in Memphis. Later this week I'll glaze and hopefully have some new work to show you.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!