green:target love

green:target love
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Since I don't have any (not a bit) pottery to show you or talk about here lately, I thought I'd show you what HAS been turning my crank lately. Green. Brought to you by Target. I'm not a big shopper, really and truly, I despise it. But I needed some things that required a target run last week and I saw these shoes. Actually, I'd seen them a month ago and couldn't shake their memory. I went to not-my-usual target and there they were. Cushy, suede, grass-green, and my size. For $24.99. I bought them and have worn them four times since last Friday. Including several days of standing all day. I have really high arches and can't wear just any shoe, but these worked. They also come in purple, black, and brown. I love the green. That trip also netted the pleated-neckline apple-green rayon knit Isaac top. I've worn it twice. I think it works best on flatter chests because of how the pleats fall, but whatever. I love the color.

Today I realized that I needed a pair of running shorts for tomorrow's 5k that aren't shorty-short. And cottonballs, white-out, air-born. And this bag. Because I forgot my reusable bags, and because of the chevron quilting, and because I'd been thinking about making a tote for schleping all of our family's stuff to church, school, soccer, here, there, and everywhere. But time is a factor. I had $16.99, but not the hours to sew. Instant gratification isn't usually my MO, but today it worked.

All of this green love makes me think of Erin and her everything-green. Usually I'm a blue girl, but for some reason, green is my thing this fall.

Happy weekend, everyone.