Hi again. I thought I'd better post now because it's going to be a crazy week after the weekend that was a three-ring circus. I attended a huge Martyrs pilgrimage and festive Eucharist/celebration this weekend (since that's all I've talked about here lately, these martyrs, I guess no one's surprised), I attended our long-running wonderful co-ed dinner and bookclub for the first time since (ashamedly) maybe the month of May. Or April. It's been a long dang time. In case you're interested, we just read Brideshead Revisited, like everyone else (only I stopped at page 75 because I'm feeling a bit rushed and bored and I stopped too soon they say). Next up is Miranda July's No One Belongs Here More Than You, though, sadly, we're missing AGAIN as we've planned to camp since it's fall break (Aside: April, you could still go if you want, we just won't be there). I'm disappointed, because I love Miranda July. She is brilliant and quirky and I'm going to read anyway.

This week I am teaching every day (I know 'most everyone works full time and has a family and manages to have hobbies. My hat is off to you because I cannot seem to manage 1.5 of the 3). I am running a 5K on Saturday, so hopefully I'll be running every day except Friday. Or maybe Thursday. It's harder for me to skip one day of running and go again on the second day than it is to run every day. Haven't done a real race before (but I used to run for an hour every day when I was in graduate school. I had to stop because I was getting thunder thighs), but I'm not concerned about placing, only finishing. Because lately I've been, ah, slack in the exercise department. I need to bisque fire and try to glaze by Sunday (hah!). I'm prepped for teaching through Tuesday - I go to a different school each day- each 4th grade class in my program gets 2 guided museum visits/activities plus three in-school visits. I work with over 500 Memphis City School 4th graders- the program serves over 1000 students. I know what we're having for supper every night this week, and I have a vague idea about how much more prep work I'll need to do before Friday. So I feel somewhat prepared for the week ahead. And in 5 minutes my face will be washed, jammies on, and I'll be on my way to sleep, much like this bee who was lulled down in his zinnia bed by the cool (thanks, Ike) weather we've had today.