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This week will be a scramble. We made it back late last night from our weekend away. Little boy and my nephew, Hunter, played and played. This was the nicest state park I've ever visited. Temps down below were in the 100s. High 80s and breezy up at the peak. Blissful.

I'm playing catchup this week--with meetings (work starts again soon!), pottery, and packing. I head to DC for a long-awaited girls' weekend on Thursday, via Nashville.

I was thrilled to finish my airplane sweater late late last night. I think I'm going to wear it to death this fall.

I promise this will be a pottery blog again soon. During the dog days of summer, I don't fire the kiln much. My little bungalow is 86 years old and doesn't have enough power to run the kiln AND the AC during the summer. Even if I have work to fire (ahem), I have to wait until the nights dip back down into the low 70s and 60s before I can fire at night. Our lows these days are in the 80s, so our AC runs more than I'd like. Just so you know, and this happens every summer. I think I need to start taking summers off instead of taking January off as I have traditionally done.

Happy week, folks!