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Ahh, routines. I'm so happy to be back to the steady pace of school days. When I'm not working, it goes like this- 7am coffee. 7:30 little boy breakfast. Get dressed, make lunches, putz around until 8:40. Out the door to walk to school. 9:00 walk home, more coffee, email, blog, laundry, cleaning, whatever moves me around the house. 10-1 studio time. 1pm lunch, shower. 2pm walk to get little boy, walk home. 2:30-5 snacks, playtime, finishing up studio work, laundry, dinner prep.

Once work work begins in September, that will be my Monday routine, Tues-Friday I'll be out of the house and studio time will be bumped to the 2:30-5 and after supper. I love a routine.

These sweet little vintage napkins were a score at my favorite thrift today. $1 for 3 linen napkins, one for each of us. I also got a new wool rug for the den that might qualify as my "thrift score for the year"- years past include a 24" light-up globe, a pottery barn trestle desk, a vintage burberry trench coat, and Gary's 50 cent brooks brothers suit. And, of course, my own pottery. The rug matches the sofa, covers up my nasty 1970s linoleum floor. That will be the next big house project, but until now, the rug covers it nicely. Especially for $40! Reduce, reuse, recycle- thrifting covers two of the three, right?