one local supper- august 13

This was my first real cooking since I came back from DC. I ate and ate and ate there, so I didn't want to really cook. Plus the larder was pretty bare (it still is), so I didn't have much to cook until after yesterday's farmers market trip. We did have some local black angus flat iron steak that Gary had thawed, marinated, and partially cooked, so I knew I needed to use that. Generally, I'm not much of a meat eater, but I bought this after talking to the farmer (rancher?) and it was a huge piece of meat for $9, and it makes my boys happy. I took some zucchini, tomatoes, bunching onions, and basil (some of which had been languishing in the produce drawer for a week or two) and made a simple sautee (the leftovers have been added to my frozen ragu from a couple of weeks ago), and sliced up the potatoes, drizzled them with olive oil, topped with kosher salt, and roasted them. I am a potato fanatic. These were between golf-and-baseball sized, and I could have eaten six of them. I only made 4 to prevent that from happening. I ate 2.
All of the veggies came from my friends at Whitton Flower and Produce. The potato recipe came from Mark Bittman's Minimalist Cooks at Home, which I cannot find anywhere (and it's making me a little crazy, because it's my favorite cookbook and I'm a little afraid that I inadvertently purged it at the end of June when I was doing the great de-junk). It has a name, but I have no idea what it is. Fancy Crispy Potatoes, we'll call it for now.

We also got some slam-fanstastic peaches at the market yesterday- about 25 of them. Elbertas, the "regular" kind, and some big white-fleshed varieties (sorry I didn't pay attention) that is making me crave a bellini (4 T white peach puree per bottle of prosecco), so maybe when I do "real" grocery shopping later today I'll pick up some prosecco and indulge!