one little supper- 5 august 2008

one little supper
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Small supper tonight, but peas are filling, you know? We had polenta squares with goat cheese, lady peas and arkansas traveler heirloom tomatoes dressed in salt, pepper, and olive oil, and some sauteed yellow zucchini with basil. Pretty yum.

Did I tell you that when I go to the farmers market I'm buying a bag of lady peas to blanch and freeze for the winter? Every time? The rest of this bag got dressed in some lemon juice with the olive oil (a huge and decidedly non-local improvement), and next time, I'm cooking some shrimp to go along with this for a Low Country (that's coastal South Carolina, if you didn't already know) kind of supper.

This may be the extent of my cooking this week except to prepare some things for the boys to eat while I'm gone so that they don't subsist on PBJs.

Tomorrow- POTTERY POST. Finally, huh?