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This was the last of a dozen pieces to be glazed on Sunday afternoon. All that was left was the detail work. I spent most of Saturday waxing, dipping, cleaning off the bases, and loading the kiln with finished pieces. These dozen were left for Sunday. I thought I was looking at two hours' work, but in reality, I got all 12 pieces finished in about 45 minutes.

The plates, a couple of bowls, and a cup to be re-fired were dipped and/or touched up on Saturday. I went over the raised dots with red glaze, then out came the tiny detail brush to paint on the ladybug dots, heads, and antennae. I love these little whimsical pieces, and I was almost all out of them.

I fired the kiln from 3pm to midnight. I'm hopeful that the kiln will be cool enough this evening to unload.

It is good to start the week without last week's work hanging over your head. Hope yours starts well!