how I spent my week

frank detail
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I'm not sure how one hour of active teaching, two hours of prep/clean up, each day this week sucked the week away, but indeed it did. Here's what I have to show for it. A detail of my frank icon painting. I was really thrilled with how the kids (and the adult helpers) took off with this project. We started out drawing, then began painting, then added paper, fabric, feathers, ribbon, foil- you name it. If we could figure out how to glue or staple it to the canvas, it was fair game.

It has been crazy-hot here this week, so little boy and I have been camped out under the air conditioning and ceiling fans watching movies, reading books, and trying to move as little as possible. Yesterday we went on a little river adventure at our newfavorite place, the Mississippi River walk at the Mud Island River Park. Less nature interaction than our all-time favorite greenbelt park, but there's wading, so it's a trade off.

This afternoon we're heading off to see my Dad and my sister's family. Another adventure at Mount Magazine, where it is said to be 15 degrees cooler than the rest of the entire south. I'm game.

Oh. I promised several of you berry bowls by next week, before I leave to go on my girls' trip. Um, I haven't been up in the studio in two weeks, so I apologize for my delay. I think next week is berry bowl production week. Monday-Wednesday, anyway.

Happy weekend, everyone!