I realized that I haven't been present much here. It's been a busy several weeks, but also really good. The traveling, cooler temperatures (it's unheard of to NOT have to run your AC in Memphis in August. Mine's been off since I got home last Monday!) that mean more outdoors time, a new/old piece of furniture that belonged to me great-great grandparents (more on that later), the first week of school, getting caught up on pottery (ahem. Still not really there yet!)- well, I've been crazy busy, but in a good way.

The farmers markets continue to be so good. I picked up these heirloom cherry tomatoes on Saturday and plan to incorporate them into a cobbler for this week's local meal. And I'm thinking about the bowl, too. I made this little bowl (it probably holds 4 c) in 2004 as part of our wedding gift stash. I made dozens- to give singly to people we didn't know well (co-workers, casual acquaintances) or to give in sets of 2-4 for people we knew better, or as housewarming/hostess gifts. We use it quite a lot- it's the perfect size for a party-serving of hummus, guacamole, salsa, or side dish for a meal. I'm on my way back upstairs, so this little bowl might be reintroduced into my lineup of wares.

I'll do a bisque firing this week, so if you're on the berry bowl list, I'll have some in the next week or so. I am SO behind on these. And I apologize.

Happy week, ya'll.