the good, the bad, and the whiny

the good
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After two weeks of school, little boy's been hit with the first stomach bug of the year. We're hanging out on the sofa today, reading, watching videos, playing interactive caillou games. Getting bits and pieces of work done between the low-key activities.
Item one- unloading the kiln. It was mostly good. The ladybugs were great. All of them (but one, which will be reglazed) turned out just as they should. Most of my berry bowls did well. The platter that seemed to go on forever had its predictable effect of making me love the meticulous fern-painting episodes.
The icons, well, those made me want to cry. The glaze was uneven, splotchy. The faces were lovely, but I am not happy with the background and the coverage on the priests' and nuns' clothing. Acrylic paint is not usually a solution for glazed pieces, but I am planning to experiment with my stash of oil paints.

Today, though, is not the day to do that. Today is a mama day. So I will go and revel in being my boy's mama. The pottery will wait until tomorrow.