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I have a good friend, Rayner, who hails from the Mississippi Delta. Land of Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, excellent music, dire poverty, and not much to do. She says that when she was growing up (and still, today, based on the personalities of my Delta friends) that anything was an excuse for a party. "It's rainin'! Let's have a party!" sticks out in my mind. In Rayner's honor (and because of the fan-tabulous peaches I got at the farmer's market on Wednesday), here's my rainy Friday evening party. Really cheap Italian asti mixed with pureed white peaches. A bellini without the prosecco. I have a bottle tree in the back yard (another Delta tradition), so when I saw this super swirly bottle, I knew that I had to buy it for the bottle tree, if not for the liquid it contained. Asti is a bit sweet, but mixed with the super-sweet-essence-of-summer white peach puree, it goes down nicely.

So, it's rainin', ya'll! Let's have a party! Happy weekend.